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Apparently, Nobody Really Cares in the End...

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

9:29PM - ug

ok. I*m in New Orleans and I don*t want to hear stupid shit. I*m tired and will be running around with my baby cousins and going to work. How fun. Really..it is fun. Freaky story...

I was in the French Quarter yesterday w/ my Uncle*s sister Elsha and we were going back to the car. We were walking up hill and I was pushing the stroller w/ Grantster in it and there was this guy on a bike behind us. He whistled and we thought A. the guy was tired or B. He wanted to let us know that he was passing. As he was passing he was looking back and smiling at me...AT ME!!! WHO THE HELL DOES THAt?!?!?!?!?! Elsha and I were like...wtf...I hope he runs into a pole. That didn*t happen though. But it would*ve been funny if the guy ran into a pole. Now Elsha calls me the dirty girl. haha. w/e. idk. I start painting the house tomarow...which means that I*ll be getting tanned, learning how to paint properly, and get paid. hehe.

I*m tired and have been for the past week cuz of swim camp (prision camp as Robert knows it). I really don*t need to be checking all yalls stuff and hear all this LJ drama. It gets really annoying.

With that said I*m going to bed. Couch all the way...

I miss yalls and I*m tired...

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

4:04PM - Opinions wanted....deeply...

You know, I said that I was gonna delete this, but I have no friggin clue how to cuz I*m computer illiterate. so, I have a slight problem/question...

I wanna be a model. A fetish/clothing model. I*m not 18. But I wanna be a model. Timmy doesn*t want me to be one becuase he thinks that I will become anorexic. But I still really wanna be a model. I*m going to try and make a deal w/ him that if I start being anorexic because of modeling, I*ll quit. If you model or know people who model, tell me and also tell me if you know how to try out/audition for it. Or if you think that I have any potential what so ever. Please be honest. I would like to hear bad news first so then I won*t have to waste tyme waiting in line to hear that I can*t model for beans.

Don*t just say "Go for it" just because you are my friend and don*t want to make me feel bad. I need the truth.

Thank you.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2005


I*m going to be deleting this journal. How ever the hell you do that...

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Monday, May 2, 2005


I could complain..but I*m not gonna..

Show you love Lex..cuz it*s a horrible feeling being neglected by your boyfriend. And it hurts a whole damn lot too. I wish I could at least visit w/ her, but I hope that will be soon since I*m getting my license probably next month.

I love you Lex...and bitch him out if you have to show him that you are better and should be treated w/ respect..<3

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Friday, April 29, 2005


yesterday I started swimming again. and that was the 1st tyme that I didn*t get sick on the first day of practice. It was pretty easy and I felt better. well..just a little better. then I felt like bawling my eyes out. w/e.

Today i have an ortho appointment at 11. whoopdee dooo...I get to miss lunch. and i have a knot in my back and shoulder and neck.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


I found out some interesting things today...

I got invited to be a member of an Honors Society through German because of my exceptional work in German and all around w/ school. And then my math teacher talked to me about going into honors pre-calc instead of regular pre-calc. I geuss this is the start of me not being the underdog...let*s see what swimming gets me..cuz I*m usually the substitute for other people. Maybe I will actually be in events that are my own!! but w/e..

Oh, and for people wondering if I will ever be friends w/ dana, my answer is NO WAY IN HELL. I will not make the same mistake twice.

my rants are done..

it would be nice if people other than Erin and Alyson commented...but w/e...I*m not picky...so umm....have a nice week I geuss...

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005



Last Night I went to Seder w/ Molly and it was interesting. Her aunt accidently broke the glass set for Elijah w/ the wine bottle..it was funny. Then the sparkling water exploded while she was trying to open it. It was CRAZY. And then I slept over her house and we talked until like 2:30 or something. Then we ate Matah bry (I think that*s how you spell it) and it was sooo good. Then we just talked and I braided her hair again. Then around 3 my mum picked me up and she was nicer to me which releived me a lot. So now I have to face hw and my tummy is starting to hurt again. Tyme to eat cerael. Then Yoga..then hanging out..then chill alone..then at 12 hw..

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Sunday, April 24, 2005


I geuss I*ll update.

I have a cellular

haha... I puked so hard that I popped a lot of my blood vessels in my face..but I thought I was gonna die in the bathroom too

Went out to a fancy Italian restraunt (well it was a nice restraunt...not like glitzy fancy spancy but really nice) w/ Tim and I paid. It was fun

Parents won*t leave me and Tim alone ever...pisses me off...cuz I*m 16 and legal..it*s not like we are going to do anything like that while they are home...idiots..

Tomarow I*m going over Molly*s house for Passover..it will be FUN!!!

My stomache ache went away...but now it is coming back...grrr...

That*s it...I think...

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


ok. I haven*t updated in a while because my mum broke my computer and last night I got it back from repairs. These past two weekends have been hectic, my birthday was nice, New Orleans was fun and I wish I could have stayed longer as usual. I figured out that most likely I will be missing finals AGAIN this year due to Blue Lake..I am having second thoughts about that.
Yesterday I got back from Toronto for band. We did pretty well, got a superior rating for full orchestra I think and ecellent ratings on the bands. It was really really fun.

The whole point of the update is not about what is going on w/ me, but what has happened. Over the weekend, Patrick Ryan died. He lived down the street from me and always took care of Daisy (our Newfie). He would always ride his bike around everywhere and was very friendly and talked to everybody. He was very very nice. It will be very hard knowing now that there will be no more friendly conversations with him or anything. Please if you can, just take a moment to reflect on someone that you know that is extremly kind and nice that you possibly do or do not see often. If you knew Patrick Ryan, remember him and hope that he is in a better place.

That is all for now because I will start crying again.

Current mood: shocked to no end

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Wednesday, April 6, 2005


my bday is really close  now...damn...so wierd too...but here is a long quiz to keep you occupied...

insanely long quizCollapse )

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Tuesday, April 5, 2005


wow..isn*t this funny...

You scored as Goth.






Drama nerd










Ghetto gangsta


What's Your High School Stereotype?
created with QuizFarm.com

the guy looks like me...j/k

but I have late starts all this week except for Friday...wow...only like 2 more days then it*s my birthday..sux..

w/e...I hope Alyson feels better tho...and that she doesn*t feel fat cuz she*s NOT...I love you

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Monday, April 4, 2005


Maybe I should do a lil celebration...

SUMMER as yalls know is exactly 73 days or 50.5 school days or about 9 weeks or 2 and a half months away. BUT for me it is 49.5 days because I am leaving NEXT Friday for band festival in Toronto...again I will be gone all weekend...poop. That would be three weekends in a row that I won*t be home. whatev..

Friday is my 16th year of being here...

Then I*m off to New Orleans at 4:30 in the morning the next day!!!

So then I hopefully won*t have hw...cuz that would be stupid and I would be MAJOURLY pissed off...and then call them communists..

umm...yeah...Toronto..I hope that it would be fun...cuz I don*t really like band much. Concert next wed. booo..w/e tho.. ummm...

I love you Tim

And Alyson better feel better or I will have to turn into a damn white blood cell and make her feel better...ok...I*m being a lil wierd here...I think I*ll stop writing...

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Saturday, April 2, 2005


Kevin had 2 games today...and both games were won...by a lot. The first game they had to give the other team a lot of penalty shots because they wanted to make it fair. We won 7-2 I think..then the second game we won against this really annoying team that we lost to yesterday...and they didn*t score any goals...5-0 or 6-0...it was really exciting. So now my brother is getting ready for the ending banquet...that means that this is almost over. Then I get to go swimming because no one would be in the pool cuz of the banquet. w00t. then tomarow I will make sure people get up early so we can leave early. I geuss that won*t happen. No hanging out tomarow because I have to finish homework.

Why am I the only one that tells everyone that I*m taken?

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Friday, April 1, 2005


I geuss I could update to pass the tyme away:

Today while I was observing people, I found that my dad favours Mike..over all kids..and it shows too. My mum told me during Kevin*s third game that she was so proud of me for coming and that I was everything that she ever wanted...except the goth stuff...(what goth stuff?). It was a great feeling...knowing that I was actually worth something to one of my parents. wow. anywayz.. I was talking to my mum...the first tyme really that I had a decent convo w/ her...about anything..it*s great cuz she*s more accepting of my friends and of Tim most of all. I just wish that I*m not alone most of the tyme...I really don*t like it.  but anywayz...

I*m coming home Sunday..


and for the last tyme..

I*M IN CANADA UNTIL SUNDAY that*s when I*ll be home. and I know that I*m missing out in a lot of  stuff at home...I love you Tim..and I miss you..

and I also miss you too Alyson...feel better baby doll..

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Thursday, March 31, 2005

9:23PM - soo...bored..

sooo...it*s quite boring here. Tonight was the opening ceremony..and it took forever. There were all these people giving speeches and saying pretty much the same thing. It just furiated me cuz it took so long and very few were good speakers. I really miss people right now. I hope tomarow goes by fast and Saturday too..as selfish as that sounds..but I really miss people...especially Timmy and Alyson. I drove most of the way...yeah..I fucking drove in CANADA!!! w00t! and my dad was being an ass and my mum got pissed at him cuz he was being obnoxious. I really idk..wanna be home cuz I know no one here and there are too many people here. If I*m driving I*m gonna drive hella fast so I can just finish up stuff and enjoy being at home. I*m in Mississasauga (I think that how you spell it)

And swimming is much better than Hockey...the Canadians are wrong on that part..;)

I love you Tim...


For Tim onlyCollapse )

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so um..I should be leaving soon...but it*s not gonna happen..Kevin*s tournement starts today I think. But the latter we leave the less tyme we get to spend at the science muesem..see I don*t mind it...it*s just the fact that we go there pretty much EVERY tyme we go to Toronto as a family...and we would be spending three hours there too..GAR! that tyme could be spent shopping or w/e.

Yeah...I still need a job. I*ll just give up and work in the village ;_; but when I get a car and enough money I*m gonna switch to retail and work in the mall! w00t! I*ll have money then to go to Cosmotology school and pay my way into college or something. Save up for plane tickets. idk nemore...

But I do know a couple of things...

My laundry is done finally and there is someone at the door..

And I love Timmy very much..
and I hope Alyson feels better very soon...
and Erin*s birthday was yesterday...Xp

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Tomarow I leave for Canada...won*t be back til Sunday...horray...so umm...

Today was lots of fun...I hung out w/ Tim and we rented Sponge Bob the Movie...pretty good...a lot of refrence to naughty stuff...and it was funny!

Yesterday I went to Royal Oak w/ my brothers, mum, and Tim...it was also fun..and I over ate...

Today is also Erin*s Birthday...she is 16...Happy Birthday Erin!!

Alyson is still sick...which is very sad...I hope she gets better...

and I love Tim...


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where are you?

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Monday, March 28, 2005

2:35PM - reflecting..

wow...I just realized how much I miss DYC swimming and stuff...even though I wasn*t really part of the "group" but it was still lots of fun. and I forgot how much I missed everyone too. wow. Come to think of it...I started being who I was then. geez. That*s the place where I met the love of my life too. damn. It*s like I took it all for granted almost...I use to hate going down to the DYC because I was so lonely and there was nothing to do there for me...until I met Brieanne, Gabi and Elena. Then Alyson. wow. I even had my first boyfriend through there too...damn. I really miss the summer. I hope that I can do more things now too...damn. DAMN! It*s so wierd. I wish I tried harder too to make it to states. wow. I really wish I kept in touch w/ them too, cuz it kinda hurt when they reconized me but didn*t really want anything to do w/ me. I geuss I should just close that chapter in my life and move on, but it*s hard. ahh well, I*ll find Bri*s number and give her a call...hopefully that I won*t forget. I wish I wasn*t afraid of cameras...

that wasn*t suppose to be a rant so I*m sorry for those who are offended

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Well, ummm...HI!...ohoh! this is what my Saturday w/ the Muffums was like...

I came over to her house at like 11:15 and I DROVE there!! w00t! Then I had a Kosher Pastry...I can*t remember what it was called but it was really good and in the shape of a triangle w/ fruit filling...Brenden...do you know what it*s called? Then I helped fix a chair but that didn*t work out too well...at least it can slide now. Then I braided Molly*s hair...talked...looked at pictures and talked some more...Then Brenden called and the three of us were suppose to hang out but then Brenden couldn*t cuz he couldn*t get a ride to Royal Oak. So then Molly and I checked to see what the showings were for "Schultze gets the blues" and we had a fast lunch which I almost died because the Thai noodles were hot along w/ spicy. But it was soooo goood! After the movie...which is pretty good cuz it was pretty much in all German w/ English subtitles, but kinda haltingly...we went to this Ice Cream parlor then waited for Molly*s mum at Barnes and Nobles. Her parents had to go and pick up Rosie right away so while we were waiting we watched home videos and made fun of them...well..sorta...then Molly played her piece that she played at competition then the one that she played for the talent show..It was very fun. We also tried inviting Jack and Brenden over but neither could come. wow...I really do&nbsp; miss that place...

Yesterday was Easter .:eggs thrown cuz it was too obvious:. and I woke up at 9...then I read the book in my basket...I have a book on how to get thru cosmotology and another on how to do Henna...and a new Tarot deck! We skipped church because I took so long in the shower (YESSSS!!! oh..sorry) then at 1:30ish I DROVE yet again to my Grandparents nursing home. It was very entertaining...Mandy is trying to make an anology of what happens in a parking lot happen in a freeway...alrighty then..but it was sad because I couldn*t really talk w/ Robert and Luna for very long. (;_;) but it was funny hearing the adults talk...cuz all the uncles&nbsp;do is burn eachother...my grandpa told this funny anti Bush Joke...then we came home and I read, napped, watched Pirates of the Carribean for the thousandth tyme and called Timmy...now I can*t wait til he gets up cuz we get to hang out! yay! Yeah...this post is really really long.....sooo....ummm....GOOD MORNING!

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