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Apparently, Nobody Really Cares in the End...

Scars of Controversy&Cuts of Crulitie

8 April
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It has dawned on me that it is hard to find real people with real identities in this tyme and age. I have witnessed the pussy bitches as they are young and posers. When I was that age I wasn*t like that at all. I didn*t copy ideas completely.. but shit..I wasn*t afraid to be different even from the differed. So now it is easier to spot a poser. Here*s how:
1. They are a whiney little bitch about everything..and I mean everything
2. They changed over night or in a maximium of a week
3. They label themselves right away
4. They deck out in Hot Topic shit..and all of their shit has to be from Hot Topic
5. They brag about cutting and anti depressants
6. They listen to whiney music and call it "punk"
7. They are uneducated in what they say that they are
8. They are hypocritical about everything and anything
9. They use you for your money even though they have a shit load (I*m just throwing that in for kicks)
10. They brag about shit that shouldn*t be bragged about

There can be many more. anywayz...moving on...
I swim and snowboard, play bass guitar and flute..speak German and I know some French, Spanish, Latin, and Italian. People call me a poet...but I*ll leave that up to the labeler. Writing and reading and swimming and listening to music are my venting areas, but when I get over flowed with hate I must speak it or no one will be safe. I get told to keep stuff to myself..and I do...I have little trust in new people that I meet...don*t be surprised if I don*t speak much when I meet you first. You can thank a little emo fuck poser for that. lol. I can*t wait til I go to college or at least to an extra-curicular school for cosmotology or art. I hope to go to U of M or LSU for schooling. I hope to move to New Orleans or some place other than here and live very comfortably...life is a valuble thing..don*t waste it and enjoy every drop that you have...blood is valued too because there are dying people wanting good blood to run thru their veins...